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Emporium Lab Classes

At the Math Emporium

You will meet during your scheduled time for a Lab Class each week during non-exam weeks through the semester. Attendance is required. When you check into the Math Emporium with your Hokie Passport, tell the check-in monitor that you are there to attend a Lab Class. You MUST have your Hokie Passport to enter. Lab Classes will be conducted by a Lab Instructor. There will be a Lab Assignment for each Lab Class. Assignments must be completed during the Lab Class and all parts submitted by the end of the Lab Class. There will be no Lab Assignments to be completed outside class.

lab instructor

The Lab Instructor for each section of your class will meet with their students at the scheduled time during non-exam weeks. The Lab Instructor's duties will be

  • Coordinate all activities for the Lab Class.
  • Report Lab Assignment grades to the Course Instructor.
  • Provides assistance for lab material during the Lab Class.

The Lab Instructor will not:

  • Answer questions about the non-lab portion of the course during Lab Class.

To find the name and email address for the Lab Instructor for your Lab Class,  Contact your Teacher.


During the first Lab Class of the semester, the Lab Instructor will divide the class into groups. Each student will work in the same group for the entire semester. Each group will submit one assignment per Lab Class for the entire group. All members of a group who are present and participating for the entire Lab Class will receive the same grade on the lab assignment.

lab structure

During the first Lab Class of the semester, you will receive a brief introduction to the course format for your class. The general format for the remaining Lab Classes will be:

Approximately 15 minutes (or less) in the presentation area for introduction. 

Approximately 50 minutes at computer.

  • The group works through the remainder of the Lab Assignment.

Approximately 10 minutes (still at computer).

  • The group completes and submits the work for the Lab Assignment.

lab assignments

During each Lab Class, each group will complete one Lab Assignment for the entire group. The Lab Assignment must be submitted by the end of the Lab Class. Each Lab Assignment will consist of 2 parts:

  1. Paper submission: The group working together completes the work on the paper document and the entire group hands it in to the Lab Instructor at the end of class.
  2. Canvas submission: Each week one group member will log into the Canvas site and the group will submit a portion of their assignment through Canvas.


Each Lab Assignment will be worth 7 points. All group members who are on time, present, and participating in completing the entire lab assignment will receive the same grade. Students who arrive 20 minutes or more late or who leave prior to their group's lab submission will receive no credit for the lab. The paper and Canvas portions of the Lab Assignment will be graded by the Lab Instructor. Compiled lab grades will not be viewable until on or soon after the date of the Lab Class following the day when the assignment was made. The lab assignments will be graded as follows:


  • 0 points if absent or tardy
  • 1 point if present, on time, and participating for all parts of the lab

Paper & Canvas submission (each worth 3 points)

  • 0 points - no submission or basically all incorrect
  • 1 point - major omissions or significant errors
  • 2 points - work complete or only a minor omission with very few errors
  • 3 points - work complete and perfect or very nearly perfect

In order to receive credit for completing the lab assignment, the student's name must appear on the front of the paper submission and the student must have signed the honor pledge at the back of the paper submission.


make-up policy

Make-ups are allowed at the discretion of the Course Instructor.

In the absence of documented extenuating circumstances, any missed lab must be made up during a scheduled make-up lab class on the Friday following the day the lab was missed, subject to the following conditions:

Missed Lab Assignments can be made up during a scheduled make-up session only if:

  • The student has contacted the Course Instructor, no later than 48 hours after your missed lab.
  • Documentation may be required and the absence must be approved by the Course Instructor.

Lab Assignments completed during a make-up lab session will receive full credit. Lab Assignments missed but not made up will receive a score of 0.  One Lab Assignment score will be dropped. 


Honor Code for Lab Assignments

To receive full credit for a lab assignment:

  • A student must arrive on time and remain until the lab assignment is completed. Students arriving late or leaving early must check in with the Lab Instructor. Late arrival or early departure may cause a reduction in lab score.
  • Only students participating in the lab assignment will receive credit. The name of all participants should be printed legibly on the front page of the paper part of the lab. The name of any group member who is absent or non-participating should NOT be on the front page.
  • Each week, every participating group member must sign the following Honor Pledge when submitting their graded work:

    "All group members worked on all problems and submissions together. No software or websites other than those described in this lab were used. We will not discuss the content of this lab or our work with anyone other than our Lab Instructor."

Sign only your own name to the Honor Pledge. DO NOT sign another student's name to the Honor Pledge.