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Graded Work

Emporium courses all follow some common policies about graded work. Some details differ from course to course.

Grades in Emporium courses come from:

  • Final Exam 
  • Tests (4-5 Tests)
  • Quizzes (10-14 Quizzes, including the TC Assessment)
  • Labs (for courses with labs)

All assessments have deadlines. These deadlines are “Start-By” times. You must start the Quiz, Test, or Final Exam by that time. You can find your deadlines in the Quiz & Test system. Each Quiz, Test, and the Final Exam must be completed in a single session.

Quizzes, Tests, and the Final Exam are all multiple-choice. They all draw from the same bank of questions. Any given question could appear on a Quiz, Test, or the Final Exam. This means that studying for your Quizzes prepares you for your Test, and studying for your Tests prepares you for your Final Exam.  

A missed assignment will receive a score of 0. However, Emporium courses have policies to allow for unforeseen situations (e.g., short-term illness, transportation problem, human error, etc.):

  • If it helps your course average, the final exam percentage score will replace your one lowest test percentage score.
  • Several of your Quizzes are dropped. How many Quizzes are dropped depends on how many Quizzes the course has. Check your course site to know how many quizzes will be dropped.
  • One Lab score is dropped.
  • The Final Exam is not dropped.

For more extreme disruptions across multiple assessments, instructors may allow limited make-up work. In these situations, documentation may be required.

Grades in the Emporium courses are determined by the following table. 

Course Average
Course Grade
Average ≥ 93% A
90% ≤ Average < 93% A-
87% ≤ Average < 90% B+
83% ≤ Average < 87% B
80% ≤ Average < 83% B-
77% ≤ Average < 80% C+
73% ≤ Average < 77% C
70% ≤ Average < 73% C-
67% ≤ Average < 70% D+
63% ≤ Average < 67% D
60% ≤ Average < 63% D-
Average < 60% F


All graded work at the Emporium is done under the Emporium Honor Code:

Honor Code For Proctored Tests

All students are expected to abide by the Virginia Tech Honor Code.  A student who has doubts about how the Honor Code applies to any examination is expected to obtain  specific guidance from the proctor before beginning the assignment. The Honor Code prohibits giving or receiving unauthorized assistance, aid, or unfair advantage on this test, or attempts thereof. The rules in this document are designed to protect the academic integrity of the testing environment. It describes what you are authorized and unauthorized to use and/or have in your possession during an assignment. Failure to abide by these rules will result in you immediately being reported to the Honor System.

The following statements are included in the Honor Code for tests at the Math Emporium. Usage of any resources other than those listed below will be considered a violation of the Honor Code and will be reported to the Undergraduate Honor System.

You may only use paper issued by the proctor. It must be returned to the proctor, intact and not torn or separated, when you are finished with your test.

You may only have your Hokie Passport ID card, a covered drink, a non-electronic pencil or pen, and a cell phone that is turned off when you login to the Emporium Testing System. If you are taking a test in Math 1535, you are also permitted to ask a proctor for an Emporium-provided ruler and compass. All of these items must be visible to the proctor at all times.

Check your pockets before moving on. If you have brought scrap paper or other prohibited items with you, immediately tell the proctor, who will assist you in putting away unauthorized material.

You must remain at your testing computer throughout your entire test. In the rare event of an emergency, you must contact a proctor.

You are permitted to use a scientific calculator that is approved by your course instructor. The only instructor-approved calculator at the Math Emporium is the PCalc calculator that is available on the testing computer.

You are permitted to use a simple drawing program that is approved by your course instructor. The only instructor-approved drawing program at the Math Emporium is the "Preview" program that is available on the testing computer.

The following list indicates the only software that may be running.

  • A web browser. The only site that may be accessed is the Emporium Testing System. Geogebra may be accessed if you are taking a test in Math 1535 or Math 1536.
  • An instructor-approved calculator.
  • An instructor-approved drawing program.
  • Excel if you are taking a test in Math 1014, 1026, 1524, or the CMU course.

After beginning your test, you will be reported for an Honor Code Violation if it is discovered that you have not abided by these rules designed to protect the academic integrity of the testing facility.